About Us

Here at The Running Shoe Review, we pride ourselves on being self confessed shoe lovers.  We are always looking for new models and new innovations, as well as new versions of shoes.  With that in mind, we look to give an honest review on running shoes so that you can be assured that you know exactly what you are buying and why.

who are we?

My name is Nick, and I founded The Running Shoe Review having been in the running industry for many years, both in sales, and in coaching.  I have an absolute passion for new technology in running shoes, and know first hand the difference the right pair of shoes can make to individual performance.  Here at The Running Shoe Review, we analyse every pair of shoes before recommendation to ensure you purchase the correct shoe for the job.

What difference can a shoe make?

Running can either be a pleasure or a chore.  Choosing a shoe that is right for you can make all the difference.  They can help prevent injuries, blisters, and aches and pains. Humans were designed to run - and there's no reason we shouldn't do it comfortably! However, life gets in the way, and we all pick up bad habits.  This can cause a host of problems, however the most common is over-pronation in the feet. This is a huge cause of shin splints, and getting the right shoe to support and cushion your feet in the right way will get you on track to enjoying running.