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— June 12, 2013

Running Clubs

Running clubs are great. And contrary to popular belief, they don't have to be elitist. Yes, many running clubs are for runners of a decent ability, however, others focus more on the social side of running. Depending on your ability, there are many…

— June 9, 2013

Shoe Care and Revival

Everyone has something in common when it comes to running shoes. If you use them, they get worn out, and smell. In this blog, I give my tips on prolonging the life of your running shoes, and preventing them from getting smelly!

— June 9, 2013

Running A Half Marathon - A Training Guide

Are you thinking about running a Half Marathon? Or maybe even running a Marathon? Below, I will list everything I think you'll need to complete a Half Marathon or a Marathon, and at the bottom of the page is a 15 week training guide that will…

— June 7, 2013

Running Stretches

There are many types of running stretches, and many ways to perform them. Below I have listed a few key running stretches that I do before, and then after my run. But first, I'm going to tell you the benefits of each type of running stretch

— June 2, 2013

Running Socks

Running socks come in all shapes and designs, but the primary objective of all running socks is for them to be comfortable. There are 3 main types, and all come in a range of fits

— May 27, 2013

Common Running Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Below is a list of common running injuries, their symptoms, and how to prevent them. Included is what to do if you get one, and how to prevent recurrence. It is ALWAYS recommended that you see a professional GP or Physio if you have any injury,…

— May 27, 2013

Cheap Running Shoes

I want to start running, but don't want to spend a lot in case I don't enjoy it, so I'm going to get a cheap pair of running shoes, and see how it goes'. Sound familiar? I'm sure a lot of you have thought this, or know someone who has. So today I'm…

— May 27, 2013

Which Running Shoes

It's an interesting question. There are a whole host of shoes out there that have won awards, or are worn by the likes of Mo Farrah, but they all serve different purpose and may not be the best running shoes for you. Everyone is different, therefore…

— May 22, 2013

Asics Gel Kayano 19

The Asics Gel Kayano is Asics' most coveted award winning shoe. But why? I look into what makes up this remarkable shoe

— May 21, 2013


Inov8 are an extraordinary brand. They have a philosophy, and have stuck to it with everything they do. Inov8's philosophy is that the feet control the shoes, not the shoes control the feet. In this blog, I will tell you how their range is…