Adidas Ultra Boost

Posted by TheRunningShoeReview on January 23, 2015

So it's official!  Adidas have unveiled their 'best running shoe ever'.  The Ultra Boost is here, so let's take a look at what makes this shoe so special

The Adidas Ultra Boost is the first shoe to be designed solely around the revolutionary Boost midsole material, and is the first shoe to use only Boost as a midsole material (all boost shoes to date have had a minimum of 20% EVA foam as well).  This offers a few benefits; the first of which is flexibility.  Boost turns out to be highly flexible, and moves more than you would think possible.  The second benefit is weight.  These shoes are incredibly light thanks to the lack of EVA, and the removal of the full length torsion system.  By removing these two elements, the Boost foam can offer it's full potential for energy return, and finally work in a way that breaks boundaries previosly thought impossible of a running shoe. 

But lets talk about what is present here.  Obviously a 100% Boost midsole, but the Adidas Ultra Boost is so much more than a midsole.  The upper is made of Adidas Primeknit, a seamless, one piece material that has been knitted together, saving both weight and stitching.  The new torsion system provides stability without sacrificing flexibility, and the outsole has been designed around pressure points and heat spots so as to provide maximum grip and durability, whilst flexing with the Boost material.  The heel counter has been cut right down in the middle, to ensure achilles tendon comfort whilst maintaining stability and fit, and the whole shoe has been designed to be as comfortable and secure as possible even before tying the laces. 

Now so far, Boost hasn't been to everyones taste, however, I expect huge things from the Adidas Ultra Boost, and I am more excited than ever to give them a try.  I've been excited by these ever since I laid eyes on them way back last summer at the Adidas Conference, and now that they have been offcially unveiled, I hope my patience gets rewarded.