Brooks Transcend

Posted by TheRunningShoeReview on August 5, 2013

Brooks unveiled what the are calling their 'softest shoe yet' ths weekend.  Called the Transcend, it promises to fofer the best cushioning available, and offer customised support depending on how much you need.  The marketing team at Brooks have once again excelled themselves and their website now offers a walkthrough guide to the new shoe. However, the main points are below:

Super DNA Midsole

This new material is an extension of the BioMoGo DNA midsole used in the Pure Project, and promises to offer superb cushioning that adapts to everyone, meaning that for heavier runners, they get a firmer ride so the cushioning doesn't bottom out. It should be a smooth and adaptive ride

Guide Rails

This is the is talking point. How do you stabilise without using a traditional midpost?  Brooks think hey have found the answer.  By using specialized plates built into the midsole, they allow your hips, knees and ankles to move in their natural pattern, without the need for a midpost. 

Ideal Pressure Zones

These are designed to minimise local pressure in the heel, midfoot and forefoot, bringing a whole new meaning to the word comfort.

Ideal Heel

A rounded heel promotes a slight forward lean, allowing you to lnd slightly further forward in your stride, meaning a more efficient running gait.  It has been used in all Pure Project shoes successfully.

Plush Upper

Similar to that of the new Glycerin, the Transcend uses only the most premium materials in order to offer superb comfort and excellent on the foot feel.

It also appears to have an external heel counter, that should provide excellent comfort and stability, as most external heel counters have done before.

This shoe seems to be an odd hybrid of a Pure Project, a Glycerin, and a Trance to provide a more natural, yet super plush and supportive ride.  I hope it works, because I feel it could go one of two ways; either really really well, or, suffer an identity crisis by trying to offer too much, and therefore attracting no-one.  I hope it's the former, as this shoe promises to be excellent.

Due for release in the US on February 1st 2014, we can expect it over here soon after, and to cost around £150


Images courtesy of Brooks Running
For the Brooks Transcend website, please click here