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Posted by TheRunningShoeReview on June 13, 2013

Cloudsurferblack.jpgOn Running are one of the most innovative and newest running brands, and have broken into the mainstream; something many have tried, but most have failed.  So where did On Running come from?

Formation of On Running

Top athlete Olivier Bernhard joined forces with his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti in 2005 to come up with away of cushioning your footfalls.  Olivier was a world Duathlon champion several times, and also won the Iron man 6 times, however suffered from chronic inflammation of his Achilles tendon, and looked for a shoe to help prevent it.  He met up with a Swiss engineer who felt that there must be a way to prevent it, and thus the idea of On Running was born.  The first prototype was created by cutting up a garden hose and gluing the cross sections to the bottom of a shoe. This only lasted a few steps, however you can still see this in the now recognisable Cloud-tec.

Moving forwards with On Running

Olivier was so far the only person to experience the feeling of 'running on clouds', however the gaden hose experiment was his eureka moment.  Once the shoe had been refined and manufactured, he took 24 pairs to an orienteering event, and sold 12.  At one point, a woman approached the stand asking to try a pair.  On crutches, she ad been told she could not run for 2 months, however later that day she came back and had been able to manage a light jog for the first time without any pain.  This was a defining moment in On Runnings history.  Not everyone was as convinced as Olivier at first.  Caspar was sceptical at first, however having tried them, like many, he was convinced after his first run in a pair of On Running shoes. Since the, On Running have only grown, and are now well established in the running community, offering a feel like nothing else out there.  Now with Tegla Loroupe (world marathon champion), and Caroline Steffen (runner up in the Ironman) the brand are getting all the right sort of athletes approach them and th results speak for themselves. On Running is definitely something to get excited about

On Running Awards

On Running have won multiple awards, including the Innovation award at the ISPO sports trade fair.  Runners World (amongst others) have also nominated them for innovation awards, as well as best shoe.  They are also backed up by scientific data, in that Zurichs Federal Institute of Technology conducted a study that found people do actually run better in On Running shoes, shaving seconds off their times. 

On Running are a new company in the grand scheme of things, and have grown every year since their inception.  We wish the best to them, and look forward to receiving our On Cloudsurfer's to try out and review, especially after doing some research for this blog!

You can buy On Running Cloudsurfer's here

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