Running A Half Marathon - A Training Guide

Posted by TheRunningShoeReview on June 9, 2013

Are you thinking about running a Half Marathon? Or maybe even running a Marathon? Below, I will list everything I think yhou'll need to complete a Half Marathon or a Marathon, and at the bottom of the page is a 15 week training guide that will hopefully be enough to get you through it!

Half Marathon Running Gear

So to run a half marathon, there are a few things you'll need.  First off is a pair of running shoes.  If you have these already, excellent, but if not, You're going to need a decent pair, that will get you through not only the race, but also the training involved.  Click here to be taken to the shoe fit guide

The next thing you'll need is a few pairs of decent running socks.  Trust me, when you start your training, the last thing you'll want is to be getting blisters. Click here to be taken to my blog on running socks

The next thing is to get some decent clothing.  The main thing you want is for the clothes you wear to be comfortable, and to wick sweat away.  You do not want to wear cotton, as this will act like a sponge, and chafe. do an excellent range of discount clothing, so get yourself kitted out with a minimum of a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt.

The last thing to think about is nutrition.  A Half marathon will take a fair chunk of time, and a marathon even more so, so you need to keep energy levels up.  I would try some energy gels in training, as they effect different people in different ways. If you try them in training and don't get on with them, you can try something a little more solid, like sports beans. With gels, take one roughly 45 minutes in, and then every 40 minutes after that.  With the beans, take them a little earlier, so 30 minutes in and every 40 minutes after that.  Also, invest in some Electrolyte powder.  When you sweat, it's not just water that comes out; you need to replace the salts and minerals found in sweat as well.  During the race, there will be water stations, so the electrolytes are up to you, but gels I would definitely try.  You can also look at race belts, however, if you have pockets, these are optional.

Running a Half Marathon - Training

The below download is a basic training plan and diary.  You'll find an overview of what the next 15 weeks will look like, what you'll be doing each day, and a diary to print off and check each day off, plus a section to note down how each session went, and any reasons why you have missed a session/couldn't complete one.  THIS IS JUST A GUIDE.  Make sure you pay attention to anything your body is telling you.  This programme will push you, and it will be hard, however, if at any point you are really struggling, take it down a notch.  This programme also assumes that you can complete 4 miles without needing to walk.  If you can't do that already, I would add a few weeks onto the beginning to ensure that you can do so.  This is also just my way of training, there are plenty of other ways to do so.  If you wish to train for a marathon, this guide is useful, however you will need to alter it to match the needs of the race.  I plan on putting a marathon training guide up soon.  Included in the diary are stretch days. I would recommend stretching every day anyway, as well as completing a thorough warm up and cool down, including dynamic stretches in the warm up, and static stretches in the cool down.  I have written a blog on useful stretches, and would recommend including all of them, plus any others that you feel are helpful to you. Click here to be taken to my blog on running stretches

One Last Thing to remember before Running a Half Marathon

ENJOY YOURSELF! You are in a race, but it is more important that you enjoy it.  Don't compete against anyone else (although this is useful for speeding yourself up!) except yourself.  It is useful to train with someone, or as a group, as you'll push and support each other, and enjoy it more! Running can be a very social activity if you let it.  But the main thing is that you enjoy it

Thats all from me.  Let me know how your training is going, or if you've signed up for a Half Marathon via the Contact Us page, or follow me on Twitter and talk to me through there

For Now

Happy Running