Running Socks

Posted by TheRunningShoeReview on June 2, 2013

What's so special about running socks?

Running socks come in all shapes and designs, but the primary objective of all running socks is for them to be comfortable. There are 3 main types, and all come in a range of fits. 

The main types are

  • Toe Socks - these running socks have individual toes, giving you a glove like fit.  They allow your toes to spread, and are excellent for forefoot runners due to this.  They also allow you to wear socks with Vibram FiveFingers
  • Cushioned Socks - these running socks offer extra cushioning, by having thicker material on the soles of them.
  • Minimal Socks - these running socks are very lightweight, and allow your feet to breathe even more than a regular running sock would. 

All three types will come in either an ankle sock (one that fits just over your shoe), a shorty (one that rises just above your ankle), and a crew sock (one that fits more like a traditional sock).  A good running sock will however have a few things that will be different.  The things to look for in a running sock are that you want to AVOID COTTON. Cotton acts like a sponge.  As an evolutionary measure, in order to grip onto wet objects, our skin gets more abrasive when it's wet.  This causes friction, which causes blisters.  If you can avoid the moisture you'll avoid blisters.

My Favorite running socks

My favorite running socks are listed below, with places to buy them, and why I like them!! Click on the pictures to find out where to buy them

  • Balega Soft Tread - balega_soft_tread.jpgThe Balega Soft Tread running sock is a very light, highly cushioned, breathable sock.  It has an anatomical fit, so has left and right feet, so saves weight by only having cushioning where you foot lands.
  • Smart Wool PHD - smart_wool_socks.jpgThe Smart Wool PHD running sock offers excellent support, and are fantastically comfortable on long runs.
  • X-Socks Run Performance - x_socks.jpg The X-Socks Run Performance running socks are possibly the most highly engineered on this list, and again, offer lightweight support and cushioning, and are very very comfortable.

If you wish to look for more running socks, I have included two links below for where to buy decent running socks.  If you are after compression running socks, click here to see my blog on those and where to buy them

Click here to buy running socks

Click here to buy running socks

It is often a good idea to look for thicker socks or training runs, and thinner ones for races, however you need to be comfortable, so go with your gut! It is often also a good idea to spend a little more on running socks.  You should be looking at the £8-£15 mark for a decent pair of running socks.

That's it from me

Happy Running!