Upcoming Shoes from Asics

Posted by TheRunningShoeReview on April 11, 2014

Having not posted for a while, I thought we'd kick start things again with a look at what's to come from Asics.  Courtesy of Asics America, we can see the highly anticipated neutral shoes coming soon to the UK.  The Gel Cumulus and Gel Nimbus are two of Asics' most successful shoes, and are both now entering their 16th editions.  Below, we can get a glimpse of what's coming soon.

Asics Gel Cumulus 16

Asics_Gel_Cumulus_16_w.jpgStarting with the Gel Cumulus 16, we can see that the look of it has not hugely changed.  Asics have seemed to opt for a slightly more structured upper, although this is more of a continuation than a change.  However, what's under the hood is where we see the biggest differences.  The Asics_Gel_Cumulus_16.jpgmidsole has been changed to a Fluid Ride foam, offering better cushioning whilst becoming lighter.  This will be making an appearance on all of Asics' shoes in the near future and has begun to trickle down the silos.  Larger gel pods have also been included to offer slightly better cushioning and impact protection.  The Guidance Trustic has been updated to not only save weight, but to improve the way it works with the Guidance line, and Asics say that this means it is more stable.  We'll have to wait and see when it comes over.  We usually see different colours over here, but so far, it's shaping up to be the lightest, softest and most stable Cumulus yet.



Asics Gel Nimbus 16

Nimbus_16.jpgThe Gel Nimbus 16 continues where it has always done, i.e. providing ample amounts of cushioning for the runner who just wants to glide to the finish.  The new version first of all looks fantastic.  I personally felt the Nimbus 15 was a little lacking in this department, but Asics have got nimbus_16_blue.jpgit spot on in the Nimbus 16.  BUT, it isn't only in the looks department where things have improved.  The guidance trustic has been improved to offer slightly more guidance from impact to toe off, and the FluidFit upper has been tweaked to provide an almost seamless fit.  The midsole is relatively unchanged, however, still offers the best cushioning Asics have at their disposal, with a FluidRide foam, and heel and forefoot gel pods. 


Overall, the new range looks great, and I am very excited to see them in the flesh.  This is also possibly the first time that I'm more excited about the Nimbus than the Cumulus!  In terms of pricing, basing things on the US increases, we can expect the Asics Gel Cumulus 16 to cost around £110, and the Asics Gel Nimbus 16 to cost around £135.  We can expect slightly different colourways, however, I would love to see the Gel Nimbus 16 come over in the same colours, as the Asics design team have got this spot on. 


Images Courtesy of Asics America