Sneak Peek at the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 - Upcoming shoes from Brooks

Posted by TheRunningShoeReview on July 18, 2013

I was lucky enough to recently see the updates for SS14 to the Brooks range of shoes.  Here I will describe the main updates and benefits that you will see in the newer shoes.  Firstly, a quick update on the current range of shoes that have jsut been released...

Brooks Glycerin 11

glycerin_11.jpgThe Glycerin 11 is a big departure from it's predecessor in the looks department.  However, this is not the only change they've made.  The Saddle has been adjusted, and the overlays have been printed on for flexibility and to save weight.  It certainly feels good, and definitely moulds to your foot.  It has a seamless lining, again making the shoe more comfortable, with less chance of irriation or blisters.  There is also full length DNA in the midsole, making it a highly cushioned shoe. The outsole has also had some updates, to make it more flexible whilst maintaining torsional stability.  The Omega Flex Groove rmains, and the Catepillar Crash Pad has been upgraded to a full length, full ground contact design.  This provides more stability, as there is a more stable platform from which to move.

Brooks Ghost 6

ghost_6.jpgThe Ghost 6 again has had some changes.  Cosmetically, it look very similar, however the weight has been reduced by using a few clever designs.  The tongue has a diamond design, which maintains comfort, but saves weight.  The Outsole again has a full length caterpillar crash pad, and there is DNA in the heel and forefoot, but covers a larger area than before.  The ground contact has been increased as with the Glycerin to allow more stability, and the trustic has been removed to allow more flexibility.


So in January it is the support shoes turn to get an update, and below are the ones we know about.  Also, keep an eye out, as the new Transcend will be coming soon!

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14

This is the big one.  The Adrenaline GTS has been Brooks best seller for years, and with that in mind, it hasn't really changed a lot, and has begun to get slightly left behind.  However with the new one out towrds January, they have made some important changes.  The ground contact sems to be something that Brooks are adapting into all of their shoes, and th GTS is the same.  The stability and midsole are going to remain technically the same, with all the tapered support of the GTS13, but again, cosmetically they have updated it.  The GTS 13 was begining to look little dated so this an important change.  The sddle hs also been improved to provide a much more universal fit.  The previous model had idividual lace loops that pulled on their own to offer some security, however in this new model, the loop act as one in pulling the saddle, making the shoe much more secure.  The loops have also been replaced in favour of a new design that promises no foot-to-lace contact providing a more comfortable fit, with no pressure points.

Brooks Vapor

This shoe techically has been excellent.  Cosmetically, it has looked dated for years. However the big update to this shoe has been to rectify that. It no longer looks like a relic, an actually sits very well on its own rather than simply being a more affordable alternative to the Adrenaline.  Updates include using the GTS 12 midsole, and again a drastic redesign to bring it up to date.

The cascadia will also be updated in SS14, so here is what we know...

Brooks Cascadia 9

Continuing with the success the Cascadia 8, not much has been changed in this new version.  Cosmetically it retains the same style, however has been updated, and retain everying that made the previous version great. The outsole remains grippy yet durable, and the midsole is still very cushioned.