Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost


  • Hugely Supportive without feeling intrusive
  • Comfortable
  • Very cushioned


  • Heavy
  • Torsion bar at heel can feel intrusive if worn whilst walking
  • Need to go up at least half a size

Editors Opinion

  • The Supernova Sequence Boost continues a long legacy of supportive comfort.  However this new version raises the stakes, and enables the shoe to be supportive whilst feeling soft and almost like a neutral shoe
  • 9/10
  • RRP £105

Having felt almost a little let down by the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost, I was hoping for Adidas to redeem themselves here.

Initial Feelings

My immediate thoughts on the Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost were that they look surprisingly chunky on the medial side.  The Sequence series has always in my opinion looked sleek and refined, whereas the new Stableframe, and contrasting colours make the midsole look pretty chunky.  However, there is a reason for this, and Adidas will be wanting to highlight their newest technologies.  The Stableframe also actually rises up above where your foot sits, meaning that your foot is held in a bed of EVA offering excellent support.  Putting them on, and you get the now familiar soft feeling of Boost, and this is a big step in the right direction for the series, and Adidas as a whole.  The rest of the shoe, and the lateral side looks good, however orange wouldn't have been my first choice personally.  As is the case with Adidas, I've gone up an entire size with these shoes, however for most people, adding a half size to your regular running shoes should be sufficient.


The Supernova Sequence has had an entire overhaul, and is pretty much a new shoe.  The midsole is obviously where the biggest changes have taken place, and gone is the Pro-moderator bar that will be familiar with recent users of the series.  Gone is the Adiprene+ midsole and gone is the Formotion unit in the heel.  The midsole has been replaced with a combination of Boost and EVA (55% EVA 45% Boost, only 5% less boost than the Supernova Glide Boost).  The Stableframe is the new over-pronation prevention mechanism, and works in a similar way to a dual density midsole.  The EVA is denser and stops your foot from rolling.  However, the Stableframe also rises up above your foot, and holds your foot in a cradle offering superb support.  The Torsion system however remains and extends onto the medial side of the heel to offer even more support, almost holding the Boost material in a cage to stop it expanding laterally that way.  There is also an extension of the EVA right to the toe to help prevent late stage over-pronation and guide your foot through a smooth gait cycle.


The upper has changed slightly and offers an engineered mesh, with welded on overlays.  The interior of the shoe uses a sock like liner, and the tongue is attached to make the shoes feel like slippers.  The heel unit is surprisingly soft and flexible, unlike most support shoes where the heel counter feels stiff and is physically hard.  The heel on the Supernova Sequence Boost is almost like an Inov-8 F-Lite 195 which was a big surprise, and feels very good.


The outsole is where the fewest changes have taken place, and still uses the highly grippy and durable Continental rubber to stick you to the road in any weather.  This is a partnership that Adidas have made full use of, and I'm surprised no other brands have tried something similar.

50 miles In...

The Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost offers incredible support for a shoe that feels so effortless to run in.  It gives support and cushioning in heaps, and it is amazing that the primary difference between this and the Supernova Glide Boost is only 5% Boost material.  I usually run in neutral shoes, but if you read my review of the Supernova Glide Boost, you'd know that I found it too unstable, but the difference in the two shoes is intantly tangible.  I first ran in these on the treadmill at the Adidas AT3 event, and was the test dummy for it.  I'll try and get hold of the photo difference between the two to show you.  However, in terms of comfort, these shoes excel when running.  If I have one issue with the shoes, it is that they are difficult to wear for too long whilst just walking around and standing at work for long periods.  The Torsion system feels a little intrusive in the heel on the medial side after a long day at work.  As a running shoe, these are incredible, and they do feel effortless to run in.  For my light runs, I am hugely looking forward to running in the Adizero Tempo Boost.  As Adidas are now saying 'EVA is Dead, Long Live Boost'.  I give these a 9 out of 10

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