Adidas Tempo Boost


  • Good level of stability
  • Light
  • Good levels of cushioning


  • Not light enough for an out and out racing shoe, but not designed for heel strikers
  • The toe box cuts in relatively sharply

Editors Opinion

  • The Adidas Tempo Boost is a confused shoe.  The support is towards the front, but landing on your toes doesn't usually warrant support, and it isn't stable enough for heel strikers.  Saying that, it is comfortable for those with narrow feet, and is a good transition shoe.
  • 7/10
  • RRP £95

I'm a big fan of Boost.  I recently reviewed the Adidas Ultra Boost, which is one of the best shoes I've worn, so the Tempo Boost was always going to have a lot to live up to.

Initial feelings

The Adidas Tempo Boost has had a classic overhaul, and looks retro.  I like it.  It reminds me of where Adidas have come from, whilst still maintaining function.  The addition of Boost is no longer a revelation, and is now expected of every shoe Adidas produce.  The support in the Tempo Boost however has been completely reworked from the previous edition.


The midsole of the Adidas Tempo Boost has been upgraded to Boost, and therefore the pro-moderator has been removed and replaced with a stableframe support system.  Basically, it uses EVA foam to provide a more stable platform than Boost.  The layout of the EVA to Boost is interesting, and has only come back as far as halfway back on the medial side.  This is to give the target user the most efficient level of support, i.e. forefoot runners.  It'll be interesting to see how this works, as you shouldn't need support running this way.


The Adizero lasting means a snug fit, without having to adjust the laces too much.  It is a light upper, and feels good with or without socks.  The overlays a soft and flexible, yet provide shape and structure, without feeling to much interference on the inside. 


The Adidas Tempo Boost uses Continental rubber for superb traction and durability.  There is also a Torsion system to provide extra stability and add a little spring to your step.

50 miles in...

The Adidas Tempo Boost is an odd shoe.  The support system is good for late over-pronators, but I felt it was unnecessary to be that far forwards.  If it had been moved back slightly, the shoe would appeal to a far greater market.  It isn't quite a high mileage trainer for this reason, but isn't light enough to be an out and out racer.  It feels fast over short distances, but I could feel my toes hitting the outside of the toe box where it cuts in.  The ideal user for this shoe would be someone who is used to some support, but is looking to transition into a more forefoot style.  If you use Supernova Sequence, but want something lighter for faster runs, then this will be good for you.  But I wouldn't use it as a racer or a long distance shoe.  Excellent for transitioning and as an additional shoe.  Overall I give it a 7 out of 10.

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