Asics Nimbus Sock Review


  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • No Cotton
  • Reflective Patches at the back


  • They are slightly thick, so no the best choice for summer
  • They are slightly higher than I like my socks

Editors Opinion

  • The sock does everything it promises to.  It is nicely cushioning, and comfortable, and fits true to size.  A anatomical design means you get excellent comfort, and they definitely wick moisture away
  • 8.5/10

  • RRP £13

Having a new sock to try was a little different, as I usually stick to my Balega Soft Treads, so I was looking forward to this one.

Initial Feelings

Wha can you say about a sock? Well for starters, these were very comfortable.  They were a little taller than I like my socks, but were not a full length crew sock which is good. They are speciic to left and right feet, which means you get a comfortable fit, and save weight on cushioning where you don't need it. On the underside of the sock, you get a substantial amont of cushioning, and with that, I imagine they aren't the coolest things in the world, but we'll see.  They do claim to have moisture management, and supposedly wick sweat away from your feet using the Nano Glide yarn construction, so I'll have to make a note of this on my runs.  They feel very smooth, which I imagine is the yarn, and I can see how this is supposed to prevent blisters.  There is also a nice padded area just under the laces where you quite often get problems when tying shoes tight, so addressing this issue is a great idea.  The Nimbus socks also have 2 reflective strips just above where your shoe finishes so you will be seen by any passing traffic late at night. They do fit to size, and if you're borderline I'd go for the smaller size, as they could get bunched up if they'e slightly too big.

50 miles In...

I enjoyed these socks.  They are still comfortable if a little worn, however the cushioning is still there.  They are as expected a little hot but effectively wick away moisture, so if you're looking for cushioning this sock is for you.  I think I'll keep these as a winter sock though, as I like my feet to breathe as well as stay dry.  However, they do slip around a little, which in this case is a good thing.  I'll explain.  I first started running as normal, and they were fine, so I thought I'd test out the Nano Glide yarn by loosening my shoes a little.  And yes, they do glide, which is exactly how they prevent blisters.  Just make sure your shoes are on correctly and they'll be great! I didn't experience any blistering, or even any threats of blisters, which is a big thumbs up with me.  I also really appreciated the extra padding under the laces, and when running, it was just enough to take some pressure off the area that most commonly causes pressure issues.  To summarise, they offer excellent cushioning and comfort, but I will keep them for winter when I appreciate a little extra substance.

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