Brooks Glycerin 11 - Mini Review


  • Comfortable
  • Cushioned whilst running
  • Flexible
  • Relatively supportive and stable for a neutral shoe


  • They're fairly chunky
  • The engineered design means that someone with disproportioned feet, the cushioning might be a little out

Editors Opinion

  • The shoes are very, very comfortable, and stable.  The cushioning is excellent, and the shoe as a whole is flexible.  However, they felt chunkier than I was expecting, and are difficult to run forefoot in.  For heel strikers, they are superb
  • 8.5/10

  • RRP £120

I've been wanting to try the Glycerins ever since the 10 came out, so I jumped at the chance to have an hours run in the new 11's!

Initial Feelings

My initial feelings about this shoe were good.  They are a fantastic looking shoe, and right out of the box, you can see that the design team have taken some time to update the shoe so that it looks much cleaner than the old version.  The blue is a great colourway, and compliments the range well.  They were a little heavier than I expected, simply because they look like they should be light, and I'm used to lighter shoes.  However, at 334g they're not overly heavy.  Turning them over, the midsole looked a little cumbersome, but again, this is because I'm used to a lighter, more minimal shoe.


The midsole has been updated and now offers a longer caterpillar crash pad, and is much wider, offering a more stable platform to land on, and a smoother transition from heel to toe, providing cushioning all the way along. DNA now covers the entire length of the shoe, and when I first put them on, I didn't notice this, so I'll have to wait and see what happens when putting a little more stress through them. The medial edge looks a little large, and again, quite chunky, even when comparing it to a Cumulus, so will be interesting to see what a difference this makes to cushioning and stability.  This is just cosmetic though, and all the ingredients are there for a superb ride.  Another thing to note, is that the midsole has been tuned to proide the right amount of cushioning, depending on your size.  People with bigger feet are usually heavier, so the midsoles in different sizes account for that.


The upper has changed a lot.  Aside from cosmetics, the overlays are now printed directly onto the shoe, offering support and structure whilst saving weight.  This also means less stitches, and less irritation. So combine this with a bootie inside, and the shoe feels very luxurious, and instatly felt great on my feet.  The heel counter also feels supportive, and comfortable.  It has been placed on the interior of the shoes lining, with more of the 3D printed overlays on the outside of the shoe. For this very reason, and certainly felt great immediately.  Around the midfoot, the redesigned saddle has been made more flexible, and stronger, so again felt very comfortable.  When comparing it to something like a Cumulus, it wasn't noticable, but again, felt great. 


The outsole retains the Omega Grooves for flexibility and guidance, and maintains the same rubber compound as before, so should be just as durable.  What has changed is the shape of the outsole, to go inline with the change in midsole shape.  There is no longer a trustic, so the width of the sole has changed to account for this.  What you get is a more flexible shoe, that provides just as much torsional support due to an increased ground contact area. 

1 Hour In...

The cushioning in these shoes was amazing.  Never before has a shoe felt so firm whilst walking and yet so cushioned when running.  The DNA definitely worked it's magic.  They were difficult to run forefoot in, due to the substance in the heel, but when heel striking (which is what these shoes are designed for) they felt amazing.  They were very flexible, and maintained their step in comfort for the whole hour.  The heel counter and midsole combined to provide a very comfortable and stable ride, and when filmed, I could see that they were more stable than a lot of other neutral shoes, which means that for slight over-pronators, this is a shoe worth considering.  For supinators though, I'd go for something a little more neutral like a Mizuno Rider.  The uppers were breathable, and my feet never over-heated, however, the weather hasn't been great lately, so I imagine on a hot day, I'd appreciate something a little breezier.  In summary, the shoes are a very cushioned, very comfortable option, and provide a stable platform on which to run on your heels.  For mid-forefoot strikers, I would consider something lower and lighter, like a Saucony Triumph, but for what they are intended for, these shoes are fantastic.

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